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We are a team of Nigerian social enterpreneurs with the objective of tackling Nigeria's food insecurity crisis by deploying Black Soldier Fly (BSF) technology as a catalyst towards the mass production of staple foods that mitigate essential nutrient deficiencies in the diets of her increasing population.

By using data-driven methodologies, we have developed BSF cultivation protocols that enable us and our clients harness the full-potentials of this technology more efficiently, produce superior products, and satisfy market demand.

Our mission is to entrench an innovative approach that incorporates a circular model of production and consumption to foster efficiency and sustainability of localized solutions to critical pain-points that are begging for attention.

In an ever-changing world that is plagued by the menace of climate change, a paradigm shift is overdue in the way we mitigate the contribution of CO2 emissions generated from poor waste handling. Our aim is to 'lead the charge' by driving effective and scalable solutions to organic waste contribution of the emissions crisis, through nutrient recycling and value addition.

Our end goal is to drive impact by tackling malnutrition, reduce poverty, create employment opportunities (especially for women and youths), and mitigate climate change through our activities.


Our raw materials

We see organic waste as recyclable raw-materials that serve as the base for production of an increasing number of high-valued products. These include cassava peels, seaweed, sawdust, corn cubs, fruit waste, e.t.c.

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